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Discussion on: The Problem with Interfaces, and how Go Fixed it

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Daniel HB

Well, I stopped to think about this a little more and I don't think I ever used 2 interfaces with the same method names in any of my code ever (although I have not been coding type-safe languages for a while now). I can see why go went this route, but it is hard to measure how many problems this might cause without making a large-scale project.

I still like the idea of specifying in the class what interfaces it implements, for example if a class implements Serializable I know ALL methods of Serializable are implemented there. Instead of having to check all the methods in a class, I can just check the class stub. This very useful when browsing the javadocs, I can just check the class implemented interfaces and see if it implements Serializable and just throw it at a JSON encoder or some other IO operation.

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Dean Bassett Author

It doesn't cause problems from my experience. Also interfaces in Go still require a full method signature. But in Go, interfaces shouldn't be used to define what a type is, but rather what it does. To tell what a type is, you can use GoDoc.