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Discussion on: FactoryGirl was renamed FactoryBot

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Daniel J. Summers

I looked through some of the issues after I submitted this comment; I get why they changed. And, I certainly don't begrudge anyone calling their libraries and projects whatever-the-[fill-in-the-last-word-as-you-see-fit] they want to; I've renamed three of my own sites over the past month.

My bigger issue is probably more cultural (and maybe even generational). I hear "factory girl" and I think of something positive, something empowering, where women stepped up and learned new skills in support of their nation during a time when others weren't around to do it. Others hear it and think of someone running around serving coffee (at best - at worst, it would be the "seduce the guy with the stable, good-paying job"). The latter is an obviously offensive image; but yet, rather than correct the perception of the image - turning it into a net positive of women excelling at things no one even thought they could do before they stepped up and did it - we'll just avoid the whole thing by renaming it.

Of course, that argument is predicated on the name being based on WWII happenings rather than a 60's rock song (which I still haven't heard, as I type this). There's an even deeper argument there about education and history, but that one's probably way more divisive (and off topic) than The Practical Developer is designed to host. I guess it just makes me a bit sad that an opportunity to recognize that strength and innovation is lost.

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Lukasz Muzyka

Couldn't agree more.