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One of my first proyect!
This is a demonstration of an online store developed with React.js / Commerce.js / Stripe React is a Facebook Library based on the web language that is JavaScript Commerce.js is a platform that provides administration services for your store Through a control panel it is paid and a payment gateway such as Stripe, which are the most renowned in 2020 and are totally recent technologies, it only takes a little interface design and usability to have a totally store modern, functional to create a user experience that generates value for your clients or users in addition to being safe.
For security reasons, the final purchase section is disabled since it is not to work, it is like a real project, it is simply a demonstration although that part is also already developed. I will tell you at the end of your payment, it automatically sends you an email with which you registered with the purchase number and a description and prints a thank you screen.
To finish, feel free to browse it and see all its functionality. Click on it

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