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Discussion on: Techie terms in Chinese (Cantonese) - Need help to find more

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Tweet - 推特
Facebook - 脸书
Source control - 源代码管理
repo - 仓库
TDD - 测试驱动开发
BDD - 行为驱动开发
Virtual environment - 虚拟环境
sandbox (programming) - 沙盒
Virtual reality - 虚拟现实
Augmented reality - 增强现实
Touchscreen - 触摸屏
QR code - 二维码
scan (a code) - 扫描
retina display - 视网膜显示屏
text editor (coding) - 文本编辑器
data scientist - 数据科学家
data engineer - 数据工程师
visualisation/visualization (data) - 虚拟化
startup - 启动/创业公司
ecosystem - 生态系统
indie developers (games) - 独立开发者
remote working - 远程工作

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Thank you so much. I'll have to get the pronunciations for them all as I am not great at reading and writing being born overseas and a self-learning the past few decades. I didn't go to Chinese school (didn't have any where I grew up). This is really helpful, so thank you! I will probably write another post... if there's enough, maybe a series. 🤔