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Discussion on: Agile Myths Exploded

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Thank you for this! I couldn't agree more. I started my career many years ago, when UML was the way to communicate a lot of thing (even generate code that conformed with analysis and design models). All that was done in collaboration with remote teams (different countries, time zones, etc.). Over time UML started to be like a swear word, and it is a shame, as there's a tendency to dumb down a lot of things (not to mention, the consultancy, snake oil salesmen, etc. that benefit from any hype and false promises in the name of agile - I don't even want to go there - this has been a struggle for over 20 years for me).
Anyway, thanks for this article. It resonates with my experiences and my understanding where we're at, especially in the light of covid-related remote working.

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Fred Heath Author

Thank you @Dariusz and I'm glad you agree. Agile has been abused so much over the years. The pandemic has been an accelerator event and forced many developers to appreciate things they wouldn't have a chance to, before.