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Spin up a Slack app in seconds with Dark

Seconds is a bit of an exaggeration, but we've made it possible to build a full Slack app in less than an hour. You can jump right in (limited number of accounts available - if the link has expired, click here to join the waitlist.)

How? Our very first package.

We've created and released a set of functions to make the best possible Slack API experience. No more writing an OAuth implementation from scratch - it's just one line, and you can see it working right away.

Here's a peek under the hood:*yKkenT1m4kBgd8s-

Everything else is just as easy:

  • Trigger /commands to an API endpoint just by configuring in Slack*FdBNGtGfPbpeiLQp

  • @mention a bot and process the payload live*vikQRLTufMjosvJk

  • Find a list of channels
  • Post messages to any channel

Not sure where to start?

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