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Discussion on: The Dark Side Of The Magic

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Robin Kretzschmar

Your comment is not the first to show that someone misinterpreted the article.
If the article is read soberly, you can clearly see that gatekeeping and other things were neither meant nor mentioned.

To have a discussion on such a topic is in principle productive and desirable. There are, however, rules for discussion which must be clearly adhered to and which distinguish a discussion from a dispute. Verbal direct and indirect attacks of another person, clear insinuations in offensive wording and snappish answers are not desirable.

On behalf of the community moderators I ask you to discuss this matter objectively and fairly. The discussion should not be stopped or censored, but it is everyone's right to be treated with fairness and respect!

We want to keep up to these standards in this community.

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Kevin K. Johnson

In what way am I verbally attacking said person, either directly or indirectly? I presented questions and scenarios that highlight my concerns. No insults or anything of the sort.

Furthermore, I was specifically referring to the comment I responded to. It seem to be joking about literal gatekeeping.