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re: pressed CTRL+Safter almost every word I typed I'm probably a bit less than you, but still a lot. I also press the s at least three or four times ...

Good point, I also can't really trust those autosave plug-ins...

And Google removing the save button feels a little like I loose control. My inner monk wants to have to visual confirmation that I just saved the document 😁

One argument that this is not more popular in our space can be that we sometimes don't want our documents to get automatically saved before we're not done.
A recent example is if you are running an app with hot reloading enabled and have a code formatter / prettier set up to format the source on saving, it can really mess up things when you stop typing for a moment to think about something and are in the middle of creating something and then the auto save kicks in, half baked code gets formatted horribly (missing brackets or something) and the hot reload crashes.

I can see that such cases are the reason we want to have the full control of when the document gets saved.

On the other hand: what are version control systems for then? 😬

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