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Three instructors that helped me learn web development

I decided to learn web development earlier this year. I knew some HTML, had no idea about CSS and JavaScript.

I started learning javascript by following Hitesh Choudhary's JavaScript playlist on YouTube. I love the way Hitesh teaches, simplifying all the jargon that programmers use so that anyone can understand. I still go back to those videos to revise some key concepts. What I love about his videos is that he also teaches to go through the documentation. Every programmer knows the importance of reading documentation and difficulties while reading it. Thanks to Hitesh for making me understand the importance of reading documentation in my initial days of learning. As a result, I don't hate going through the docs.

You can check out his free JavaScript course on YouTube

Then it was time to learn CSS.
I started learning CSS through online videos and then realized that I didn't understand anything. Later, I came across Kevin Powell's YouTube channel and took his free CSS flexbox course - Conquering Responsive Layouts. I'm so glad I took that course. It made writing CSS so simple and made me understand flexbox. I love the way this course was structured. It is a 21-day course and also includes challenges which makes the course very much interactive. When you sign up for the course, you do not get access to all the course content. Some videos and challenges get unlocked every day. It helps in being consistent and practicing some CSS every day. I remember flexbox used to make me so nervous, and now it is so easy to work with. I am currently learning CSS grid through his YouTube videos.

Making projects is one of the most important parts of learning programming. This is where Tanay Pratap helped me make projects, and the community he has built on his discord server helped me whenever I got stuck in the projects. Now, having some skills in web development, I also help absolute beginners solve their errors on his discord server.

You can check out Tanay Pratap's YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading.

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