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FYP-Log 000 of #100DaysOfFYP

FYP-log 000, Earth-date 27-08-2020

I opened LinkedIn at my browser to check out my notifications and while at it, I stumbled upon a post written by a friend of mine on his little challenge to update day by day on his academic final year project.

So I went through the daily updates and it got me thinking what if I do what he does :challenging myself to update on the progress of my academic final year project and doing it in a set time-frame.

I believe this can be a way for me to be discipline and at the same time, improving my writing skills and to get use of this new platform.

I have always wanted to write about something and this can be it - to write about my journey in developing my first Machine Learning-Creative project

Alt text of image

I cannot wait!

I pray and wish to have the strength to maintain this journey as it will be fruitful in the end.

FYP-Log 000 End

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