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32: Cooking with Data Ops with Chris Bergh from DataKitchen

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On this week's episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas talk with Chris Bergh, the CEO and head chef at Data Kitchen. DataKitchen’s mission is to provide the software, service, and knowledge that makes it possible for every data and analytics team to realize their full potential with DataOps.

Highlights from this week's episode include: 

  • Chris' background and how the lessons learned in the Peace Corps and at NASA apply to him today (2:03)
  • Why AI left Chris feeling like a jilted lover (7:49)
  • Most projects that people do in data analytics fail (10:12)
  • Three things that DataOps focuses on (16:37)
  • Comparing and contrasting DevOps and DataOps (22:30)
  • The types of data that DataKitchen handles and building a product or a service around DataOps (29:29)
  • Fixing problems at the source instead of just offering a tool to slightly improve things downstream (37:17)
  • Where we are at in the process of how companies are going to run on data (41:43)

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