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Discussion on: ADHD, the Quarantine, and Me

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David Howell

Thank you for writing this. Some people do feel like ADHD is made up, and some others talk about the adderall issues with students using it as a study drug, I recall some documentary I watched on Netflix about these things. There may well be some overprescribing and issues with that, but when you’re an adult and diagnosis explains so much of your life then it’s very affronting when people even raise these issues. Especially when you are successful and have 4 kids!!!

I am now... older... and have kids and I was diagnosed as a teenager. It’s hard at home with Covid and working but I also recognize my wife shoulders a significant amount of the kids stuff so full respect to you. I do my best but husbands should be given more time and understanding from workplaces (and we should make more effort ourselves).

I have at various times been on and off medications including Ritalin, dexamphetamine and Vyvanse and also behavioral, exercise and other therapies. Of the medications Vyvanse is the better one because it is slow release and consistent. One drawback I have with the medications is that whilst it provides me with motivation and passion for what I am working on, it sometimes interferes with my ability to make sensible prioritization decisions. So for example I will hyper focus on something that is interesting but not important or perhaps completely irrelevant for my job. In that sense it is enhancing my tendency to distraction and hyper focus, and it becomes really important and hard to course-correct what it is I am working on.

One thing that is really important is sunshine and nature. Whilst it is easy to get into the zone with these medications and work for long stretches I think it is important to get outside and spend some time not looking at a screen, preferably looking at nature.

Thanks for sharing your story, it’s important that more people do.