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Discussion on: Businesses Should Have 3 Months of Savings? It’s Not as Simple As You Think

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David Velasco

I was waiting for this one.

It's easy to judge, but before doing so we should stop to think about our own ignorance and shortcomings. Today, I see many examples of this from people that should know better. These are times (always is time) for solidarity and altruism, but also for displays of empathy, our ability to put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

From the perspective of someone who's never owned a business, I can only imagine how hard many company decisions must be for a decent, hard-working human being (which I'd like to believe is the default category for the majority of small owners). Especially when the consequences have effects, not only for the company that you struggled so much to build, but also for the people and families that might now depend on it.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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Erik Dietrich Author

Thanks for the kind words. And that echoes exactly what I was hoping to communicate as I wrote this --- "you may never have considered it, but here's what it's like to be in this position."

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