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re: Looking for Angular Team (Paid Gig) VIEW POST

re: Hey, which version of Angular you are running at. I am a angular developer in TORONTO, so can help. Please msg me at panbhatt1 attherateof gmail

Hi, Pankaj,

Thanks for the response, but I'm actually looking for a team of developers to work on this project (and several others). I'd need someone to handle DevOps (infrastructure and deployment), project management, and QA in addition to the person (or persons) actually doing the Angular development.


Thanks. No problems. Let me know, if I can be of help anywhere. Would you mind if i can help u with full team based in India, i just know someone CEO having 200 people team.

If they have the personnel to match my project, sure.

Thanks. Please can i have your emailId. mine is panbhatt@

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