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While I totally disagree with the incentive to do something like this, I feel like that opinion might already be fully fleshed-out in other comments.

Alternatively, why not consider the UX of this and explicitly which behavior you're trying to prevent. If you're trying to prevent somebody from mistyping a password or email a second time, why not hook the oncopy event from the box you're trying to confirm. Surely the act of copying is what leads people to duplicate errors, if that's the scenario you're working around.

Despite this being a topic that is going to incite a lot of folks, there are half measures if you really don't believe them. I think you'll find fewer annoyed users at inability to copy than paste and it likely prevents most of the behavior you're aiming to prevent. I'd still urge anyone to use these sparingly. Don't take away people's tools because you disagree with them, find a way to present the correct solution as the obvious one.

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