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Discussion on: 🔺 5-step guide to developing your OWN personal software projects

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David MM🐍 • Edited on

Great video!

About brainstorming, before starting my blog/youtube channel, I said to myself that I had to find 50 topics to write about. If I couldn't, I shouldn't have one as I would drop them.

Now I have a Google docs file with more than 100 ideas to do. Always take a notepad/mobile app/Google docs/whatever to write down the new idea that came to you while doing groceries, walking or working.

realtoughcandy profile image Author

That's a great idea. I do that too for my YT channel & I've noticed the other benefit is that some days you just aren't in the mood for topic X –– so with a big diverse list you have the freedom to pick something that appeals to you that day.