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DEV Community | Vue 3 Clone (or something like that)

David Andrei
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I am building a clone or something similar. I thought that: Neah.. it's just a blog, how hard can it be ? it's been more than a week and I just added a few features.

Features like:
Database logic: for now .. users,videos,folowers,profiles,tags,posts
All thanks to supabase Postgresql
Alt Text

Auth: Login / Register via social login
Posts: on homepage, posts count, single post, user posts, post by slug, by id.
Videos: All videos, video single, by id.
Tags: Tags page, tags list ..
Dashboard: My Posts, Write Post with markup
Alt Text
Abillity to Post, folow / unfollow,

This whole project is made with Vue 3, composition-api style

As for UI, it's mixture of custom css with good'ol bootstrap and element ui vue3 components for loaders, placeholders and fancy inputs.

I can see it's not that easy to build fully functional Blog.

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