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Makers - Week 4

So week 4 has come and gone, and somehow I am 1/3 of the way through my Makers journey!

My initial thought was panic - time is running out, how am I a month in already, I have not learnt anything and there are only 8 weeks left! However on reflection, and looking over my current github repo - I quickly became aware of how much I have achieved in this short space in time.

This week was largely spent evolving last weeks Ruby/Sinatra 'MVC' style web app with the added function of a database! My app for the week (a snazzy 'Bookmark Manager') involved creating, reading, updating and deleting boomarks, all onto the database. This may seem thoroughly unimpressive from the outside, but I have to be honest - I bloody loved it!

This was the first time in this process I had a 'real-world' view of coding in practise. We quickly navigated through the primitive and archaic 'SQL' language, added the PostgreSQL functionality and tied it to our Ruby code via Sinatra.

On reflection of the week as a whole, I finally feel like my brain in getting up to speed, not just with the content, but also with the ability to learn again. And it is a fantastic feeling. This weekends challenge is a Twitter clone (aptly named 'Chitter') which dare I say I am looking forward to trying!

Saying all of this, next week is the famous Javascript week which looks to be soul crushingly hard. The rollercoaster continues!

As always, wish me luck!


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