Post Makers - Week 3

davidpaps profile image David Papamichael ・2 min read

Week 3 of the job hunt/quarantine combo has come and gone. More and more the days pass and seem to reflect some sort of movie, rather than the 2020 we all had in mind. Watching the news has become a sobering reality to what is going on around, and why it is necessary to follow the rules and stay indoors.

Not too much has changed since last week, i’m keeping up with the AM job application schedule, and carrying on the project with 2 of my classmates. All i can say is that I am so thankful to have a project so motivating to work on. I’m finding myself sitting there for hours a day, pouring over data, react docs and deep conversation with my Makers amigos. Although the topic is ironically what is dooming us to stay indoors, it is nice to make something factual, contemporary and somewhat useful for tracking the madness that is going on outside.

It also has me using some of the basic principals of coding again, the api data needs sorting, and filtering and separating and joining. Algorithmic thinking is just what i needed to kick the brain in gear and jump back into the world of the unknown.

It reminded me why i got into coding, it is the same appeal that used to have me playing 10 hours straight on my Super Nintendo….the want to succeed and explore. Dare i say this feeling with react is even more, i’m just scratching the surface of what this crazy library can do, and i find myself falling deeper into it the more i explore….

Currently the app is quite basic, displaying the overall cases, recoveries and deaths over the world, then each country and US state has its own meter on the google map api, and when clicked an info window pops up with the current stats of that country. I’m chuffed so far (https://covid-mapper.herokuapp.com/) but have big plans for the next stage - I’m going to get stuck int the world of graph visualisations to represent the data in various forms (I want to get the day by day increase of a country on click, rendering in a separate panel on the site).

Short and sweet this week, as many of you know, the priority is keeping safe, keeping sane and staying indoors!

I wish everyone luck in these crazy times,



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