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Makers - Week 8

This week was a great insight into, not only the final project, but also into working with a team in a professional dev environment.

The week started with the coding gods blessing me yet again with a fantastic team, something we made quick work putting into action and immediately broke down the brief into concise and bite-sized user stories.

We then got into the meat of the week, by diving into the world of Rails (Ruby on Rails). It was a bittersweet encounter, it was confusing, content heavy and directory ridden all in one. But after a couple of hours playing around with the 'generator' looking at a few other tutorials, and simply typing in commands it dawned on me....this was a bloody fantastic framework that i wish we could have discovered sooner.

I understand the process Makers put us through, learning all the basics to get us to a point where we understand all the moving components, and then expose us to software that would do all the legwork for us. What would have taken hours, now took minutes, and all in the intuitive, easy to understand dynamic that Ruby offers. This was the equivalent of finding a frozen pizza that tasted the same as one that i spent 2 hours making myself - it was sublime!

The other main feature of this week involved bi-weekly sprints with the product owner, and technical lead of the team. Both were played by our lovely coach Josh, and gave us an insight into working in a real dev team. The product owner had extremly specific requirements, and the technical lead was more on 'our side' to aid in any rails drama we were facing.

Team Umberto-Jack-Asia-Katie-David stormed into action, completing the entire of the 2 weeks tasks by Friday morning, with Flat-Cap-Josh (product owner played by coach Josh) completely satisfied with the Acebook we had made for him.

Next week involves a different product manager who will give us further additional features to utilise, furthering our quest into rails and teamwork. I have massively enjoyed working with my team so far, and am really looking forward to another week of collaborative effort and head cracking sessions.

As always wish me luck!


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