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Discussion on: Don't aim for 'Senior'

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Davor Minchorov

Titles are a good selling tool for HR / recruiters which are usually not exactly experienced on the technical side.

Senior developer can mean many things but it also depends on the experience that the developer went through in their career.

If a person has worked on a single project with outdated tools, technologies and practices, that person will probably have a hard time finding a job in this fast changing environment.

If a person starts his/her career with some of the most popular and modern tools, technologies and practices and continuously is watching and reading tutorials, is up to date with what's happening in the ecosystem of his tools and technologies of choice and is able to solve problems quickly, experimenting with new things in his/her free time, that person will be able to progress faster in his/her career.

Building things that actually matter and can serve the person's career is more important than anything else. Being stuck in an unorganized startup or an outdated corporation might be useful partially but that won't make you a great developer overall.