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Lua Console commands

Hello! Welcome to my first post. It's about basic 3 console commands with the Lua language. First of all, is a "print" command. For example:
print("Hello World!")
Output: Console printed "Hello World!".

Another command, is "warn". It prints a warn. For example, it warns that something went wrong in the system Command Example:
warn("Found an bug in System.")
Output: Console warned about an bug.

And the last command for this post, is "error". It errors and may stop process that it errored. For example, it errors that something is texted in wrongly. Command Example:
error("Syntax Error.")
Output: Gives an error text.

Well, sadly this is the end of the Tutorial! At least, I hope you enjoyed it. The commands should mostly work at the game called ROBLOX. ROBLOX is to play games but there is a application that is called ROBLOX Studio where you can create games. To add a script that does all of the commands, simply make a new game with any template you wan't. Then, click Workspace and then + and then search for Script. Then, text in the commands you would wan't it to print!

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