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Discussion on: Replacing FastAPI with Rust: Part 2 - Research

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Dylan Anthony Author

I might end up giving it another try then! I just poked around the docs for master and there are even examples of how to use async. Very exciting!

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Jonas Rinner

Yeah it's actually still the greatest web framework in terms of developer experience for me! The only downside at the moment is probably that async database pooling isn't there yet (it's being worked on, but will probably take another month or two to actually land), so you can either use the existing sync database wrappers (which abstract over offloading requests to a threadpool fairly well) or use your own do-it-yourself database pool. (Well or do it like Conduit and I did, be crazy and use sled as your database :D)
I was thinking about adding a GraphQL API to my app instead of a REST API, but I'm still considering what to actually do, I might end up with both as well, so I may be interested in contributing to okapi at some point as well.

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