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Discussion on: 10 Fantastic Books By Developers For Developers

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Dave Ceddia

This is a great list! Thanks for including my book :)

I'll recommend another! One that I really like is Sandi Metz's Practical Object Oriented Design in Ruby (she's given some excellent talks as well).

It taught me a lot about software design, how to think about where responsibilities should lie, which parts of the code should "own" behaviors, and that kind of thing. Software design stuff can be really abstract (e.g. Design Patterns) but Sandi's book makes it understandable with concrete examples. I think it's pretty accessible even if you don't know Ruby, and the things it talks about are mostly universal principles that apply to functional and OO styles alike. Definitely worth checking out.

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Simon Holdorf Author

Love your book, Dave, of course, it's on the list :)

And thanks for the recommendation, I will take care of that! And Sandi can even add it to the site on her own if she wants :)