Hi, I'm Dave Ceddia

dceddia profile image Dave Ceddia ・1 min read

Looking through my drafts I realized I never published my intro, so hey! Here it is.

👋 I'm Dave :)

I have been coding for something like 10 years professionally, and probably more like 20 years total.

I mostly program in JavaScript right now, and in the past I've worked with Ruby and Rails, Java, C/C++, and a few others.

A couple years ago I started writing a blog, initially about Angular, but now focused on React. And then a year ago I wrote a book that teaches React.

I live near Boston, MA. In my day job I'm building UIs with React.

I am currently learning more about Elixir + Phoenix, and getting more into functional programming. Modern JS + React has really changed my mind about FP. Turns out it's not just for university classes 😄

You can find me on Twitter as @dceddia

Nice to meet you.


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