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DB Testing with TestContainers

Testing, as we all know is a very important part of development, but it is not always easy to do!

Trying to find a way to test querying databases was very tough, at least I thought so anyway. From doing some research online there was one of two ways to test this;

  1. Use mocks
  2. Use an embedded db - including testcontainers in this

Personally I don't like mocks, so that was option 1 ruled out.

Using testcontainers in code was great and worked very well but I had a slight problem. For the life of me I could not get the database to reset between tests. If I were to run the tests individually, all would be good. But when I run a suite of tests at once they fail because the db isn't reset.

With a Quarkus setup I was able to find out that if you annotate the class with @TestTransaction, then after each test the db is rolled back.

public class TestClass {

    private static PostgreSQLContainer dbContainer = new PostgreSQLContainer("postgres-image")

    public void myTest() {}

    public void myTest_2() {}
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Now with the two tests, you can run them as a suite and the db will be reset after each test is finished.

Happy testing

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