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Hi, definitely like my football as well. Always try to mix my passion for football and coding where possible. Check out my prediction website Predict Addict. I might setup a mini league if there's enough interest.

P.S. My team is Wolves and I think Liverpool are the team to beat this season. The top 6 have worked out Man City's game plan and will pick up points against them, which in turn will help Liverpool.


Great site I'll defo sign up and see how it works! And yes you're right LFC are the team to beat. Wolves do not seem the same as last season? Judging by city's result this weekend I think you're right, hope other teams are brave enough to press them!


Thanks for your kind comments regarding the website. Wolves have been severely affected by the Europe competition. Hopefully they can find form again and get back to winning ways. Norwich have really set the cat amongst the pigeons when they beat Man City at the weekend.

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