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Engineer's Week 2020

This week (Feb 16-22) is Engineer's week. Similar to other themed weeks throughout the year, this one is focused on appreciating the engineers that work to build, support, or produce the things around you, as well as to inspire the next generation with engineering topics.

Side note: DiscoverE is a great resource for activities and documents you can use to help engage with your local community for introducing people to engineering concepts in a fun and educational way.

As this Engineer's week comes to an end, we here at DealerOn wanted to take a moment to thank all of our engineers that work hard every day to build and support all of the myriad systems behind our services and products. Thank you all for what you do; for sticking it out until the early morning hours when there's a large migration or system deployment; for reviewing and double checking each other's work to minimize any production issues; for QAing the upcoming builds thoroughly and catching any oversights or missed requirements before they get too far in the pipeline; for considering the user experience and use cases so expertly when designing a new interface for our colleagues or customers.

From all of us here at DealerOn, Thank You.

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