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Serverless Python Chatbot in Azure

Debobrata Bose
Microsoft .NET Architect with Azure Cloud and Devops
・1 min read

Why Chat Bots?
Chatbots becoming increasingly prominent in organizations around the world. The exchange of information between companies and costumers to completely replacing any middle layer teams.
We can expect that up to 75% of queries in the customer service sector will be handled by bots by 2022 driving business costs of more than 10 billion dollars per year.

Why Serverless?
Serverless computing is a cloud computing execution model in which the cloud provider allocates machine resources on demand, taking care of the servers on behalf of their customers.
It works on pay per usage consumption model. It is PaaS offering or FaaS (Functions as a Service) HA (highly available), scalable and it support polygot application deployment.

Following are few steps to get your bot built and set up.
What you will need is simply an Azure Subscription, Visual Studio Code (VSCode) installed in your machine alongside some version of Python!

Step 1: Register a new Web App Bot service on Azure Portal
Step 2: Set up Azure access through VSCode
Step 3: Create a new Azure Function App project
Step 4: Modify the code for your Function App
Step 5: Test your API locally
Step 6: Deploy your Function App to Azure
Step 7: Connecting the BOT to the Server-less Function
Step 8: Publishing your Bot to a Channel
Step 9: Publish your Bot App to MSTeams/Slack

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