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Discussion on: Do you code mobile-first?

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decentralizuj • Edited on

I'm sorry, I didn't define the question very well. Does Tailwind require mobile first, or desktop-first, or doesn't matter? That's why I quoted answer that say "Tailwind require you to go mobile-first".

I know how to work on front-end, but I don't like it. I have knowledge (and work with) html, pure css or scss, template engines like haml, frameworks like bulma and bootstrap, but never used Tailwind (anyway that's not a problem).

I just need answer on this, from someone who used Tailwind.

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Souk Syp.

It doesn’t matter. It’s just a css framework.

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tq-bit • Edited on

tailwind provides you utility classes. for instance, going from a 3-col grid view on desktop to 1-col on mobile is as hard as this:

class="grid-cols-1" <- smaller gadgets
class="md:grid-cols-2" <- medium
class="lg:grid-cols-3" <- larger devices

it's especially handy with Javascript framework components, but perhaps not the best choice if you cannot reuse templates or partials

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Souk Syp.

You can put these classes on the same element like this for responsiveness. Cool ?

<div class="grid-cols-1 md:grid-cols-2 lg:grid-cols-3">
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Read the docs here

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Shaquil Maria

@decentralizuj to answer your question, tailwind does not require you to work mobile-first, but they do encourage it. Their breakpoints work with min-width so it would be easier if you start mobile-first.