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Discussion on: Is `this` in Javascript bad?

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David Zentgraf

I consider Javascript to be an experiment in which Brendan Eich tried a few new ideas, one of which is the behaviour of this. And unfortunately, it's one of the ideas that didn't work out so well. While the simplicity and flexibility of Javascript's object system is intriguing, and maybe this is a necessary part to make it work, as a programmer on a day to day basis the behaviour of this introduces more stumbling blocks than it adds benefits through flexibility.

Put another way, I've had to add more "superfluous" bind() calls to keep the context on a callback than I used the flexible re-binding mechanism to do something useful I couldn't have otherwise.

These kinds of things are only discoverable through longterm use, which Javascript didn't have the time to go through before being released into the wild, and now can't be fixed because backwards compatibility. But that's no reason to throw out the baby with the bathwater; just be aware of it.