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Discussion on: The burnout, how do you deal with it?

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You did a good job at boiling it down. You're right, it's best to have a task list. I've never been the best at keeping these, but when I do it always helps.

Tech debt is definitely a given. I know it's there, and this isn't even tech debt compared to a lot of project I work on in my profession. This is great code on my part. I just think I let the morning overwhelm me and as you said, the random task got in the way.

It probably would only take me 15 minutes to update the entire thing, but I think part of the frustration was I did not do my duty and my test are not 100% coverage, so I knew I was regretting the testing of the form to come ahead.

I will keep your statement in mind next time I get feeling overwhelmed on picking the right tool for the job. Sure it's fun to think of what cool tech could I used, or how could I do this better? But it's only appropriate to do that when it's for fun, not for existing work.

Thank you for your response.