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re: I think a lot of times it can come down to complete chance if your article gets noticed. Some articles are going to be dynamite no matter what, but...

Oh i'm sure it is. Just like with instagram. I'm ok with not getting my post noticed. This wasn't to come off like i'm complaining about not getting comment/views... hopefully it didn't look that way. It was an observation that I'm seriously curious about. I find it fascinating because it just shows how the net is like a life of it's own. I'd love to see some stats on how many bots have entire conversations with each other... lol.


When I was running a nonprofit association's website, about 40% of our traffic was not human. It was kind of depressing sometimes realizing how much time people were putting into creating original content for crawlers to rebrand or routinely having worthless log files because of the amount of dumb things bots would do until I started banning them. Yes Bing bot, I am looking at you!

ya, I realized most of my traffic to was bots too. :/

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