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re: I don't see what is this difference you are making between "trusting" and "chancing" your data with them - from where I'm sitting, trusting is prec...

Fair enough. To to be clear, I know for a fact that no one's data is secure online. Period. The best security can still be out smarted. It's been proven. I use companies that I like and I chance my data with them. I do not trust them. It's like gambling. I don't spend my $100 bucks because I trust that I will get more back, but I take a chance because it's fun to play. In this scenario, I swap out "fun" with "it helps me in my daily life". I don't assume my data is safe online nor trust them. I can chance my life skydiving for the thrill of adventure, doesn't mean I trust I'll survive.

Sure, there is no "secure data" online, I fully agree there. Following the gambling analogy, any surprise at "listening on you without permission" is similar to being surprise that the house always wins in the long-term.

ha ha that is a good way to put it "house always wins". It's like the "Antitrust" movie.

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