what would you build if you won the lottery and never had to work again.

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I’ve always dreamed of the day I was wealthy enough that I could just not have to work, other than on my own projects.

Mine is two part.

One, I would build tools for non-profit companies. Helping make people’s lives better.

The other part of that, I would start my own company and go through all of my old ideas and make them live products. I have over a hundred ideas from all the years. I managed to get one live this last year https://gidgitz.com

What would you do? Feel free to be as specific as you want. Even share your product you might be already working on and wish was your full time project.

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I'll keep putting this out into the universe: submersible, solar-powered robots to clean our waterways.


i love this. I think that is a brilliant idea! have you ever played around with protyping it?


Not yet! Just some jumbled notes in a notebook. Thanks for the reminder!

So what I plan on doing with my notes, is actually post them on here. At least for the projects I’m ok with sharing publicly. I figure it might inspire some others and then they in-turn will work with me on it and help motivate me.

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