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Discussion on: Debate: Symfony VS Laravel

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Jeremy Jacob Anderson

You're right, Laravel is a like a big stack of stuff that you're either all in on or not. All frameworks are cults. I say this as a member of the Laravel cult. The tradeoff is you'll end up re-implementing most of the stuff in Laravel that was built over years by well meaning smart folks from all over the world, but you'll get to make your own specific design choices. Every choice in every case has a cost and possibly a benefit. There's literally no way around it. Every choice is a trade-off. There is no single general solution to the highly varied problems that we solve with software. What are your needs, aptitudes, experience, budget, preferences, and constraints?

I disagree completely with both your summary and the resulting premise in regards to Python vs Go. That class of "programming languages/frameworks as sports teams" competition-minded domination psychology based evaluations are both meaningless and harmful. They are meaningless as posed, the questions being asked and assertions being made are not usefully meaningful as to be answerable nor employed in making informed decisions. They are harmful to software development culture because they force us into little camps that engage in pseudo-intellectual tribal warfare with "the others" in that other language ecosystem camp over there. They are harmful to software itself because we often reject the use of good ideas just because they come from another camp. This approach to evaluating software ecosystems is additionally harmful in that it persists as meta-misinformation by instructing future students in the field using corrupted approaches. We are literally all in this together, let's at least try to act like it.

If you want to understand the pros and cons of Laravel vs Symfony you're asking the wrong questions.

[ Post-Script Note: I don't consider myself above these prejudices, I admit I am part of them and I'm trying to escape. ]