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Fernando Doglio
Fernando Doglio

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My Hacktoberfest personal challenge: I'm writing a game in 7 days! (Days 7)

Welcome back to my improvised dev journal where I'm recording the journey of working on my personal Hacktoberfest challenge.

I'm creating a game in 7 days. More specifically, a Platformer Typing game, you can read more about the idea here on my first day's journal.

Today I'm covering the 7th and final day, the challenge ends here, so let's see what I was able to make in 7 days, shall we?

The plan for day 7

As it was the final day, I needed to provide some sense of purpose for the player, and that translated into giving the points a meaning as well as having a final screen where results are shown.

Luckily for me, I was able to achieve just that, I made it so every right word provided points as well as coins collected and enemies killed as well.
The final screen shows a result of how many points you managed to obtained as well as the number of words you got right and wrong.

I've added a full gameplay video of the end result in this tweet:

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The video is short, since an adult already familiar with typing can finish the game in under a minute. But my kid liked it and it proved a challenge to him, so I would call this mission accomplished!
Furthermore, he even started providing suggestions for improvements for new bosses and stages, so it picked his interest as well.

What now?

Well, the challenge is done and I need to go back to my normal routine, but as I've really enjoyed the process, I'm going to be doing two things:

  1. I'll write a quick post-mortem about the entire experience, the usual list of the things that went right, what went wrong and an account of my learnings.
  2. I'll also write a series of articles about melonJS and how it can be used to create a game. And for this, I would ask if you had any suggestions about topics to cover since I'm hoping to write 2 or 3 based on this experience.

But alas, this challenge is over and so is this journal, it was a fun experience and I hope I get to re-do it again soon!

Thanks, everyone who's followed along, I really appreciated the support and if this inspired you to do your own #1Game7days challenge, share your progress, I'd love to follow along!

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daviddalbusco profile image
David Dal Busco

Awesome Fernando, looking forward to all these articles!

Beside the experience and technical parts, I would be also interesting to hear a bit about the creative and game mechanism parts.

lautarolobo profile image
Lautaro Lobo

So cool! :)