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Discussion on: NextJS With Redux

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While I agree context has come a long way and can now be used for global state management in many cases there are times that redux is the better solution. It all depends on the project.
Before I begin a project I go over the pros and cons of redux or context or nothing at all.
My last major next.js project I went with context, the prior one nothing, the one before that redux... Overall I'd say I use nothing or redux the most that is purely due to the types of projects I was doing.

Is redux worth learning? Mostly yes. Yes it needed? Depending on the project it will make life way easier or it will just add boilerplate and complications, only way to know is to learn it. And for learning I really recommend their docs, they are fantastic as far as docs go

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If you use Redux Toolkit there is almost no boilerplate. Its simply redux but better.