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Building a Telegram Chat with a MT4 Forex Trading Expert Advisor

dennislwm on October 05, 2019

Building a Telegram Chat with a MT4 Forex Trading Expert Advisor Introduction Telegram isn't just for sending and receiving c... [Read Full]
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Hi, Thank you for such a great system. But i have some problem while compiling Telegram Recon Ea in meta editor.

And, also the Telegram alert ea does not send pending order price levels when it sends msg to telegram channel.

Screen shot attached below.

Also, The /help command does not works.

Image link


my bad.. I forgot to add the include/plusinit.mqh file in the git repository.

you should be able to compile the EA now


Thank you so much for replying. but some more problem occurred.

Please let me know what i can do....

Image link

I don't quite understand the error ...

There are only 54 lines TOTAL in the plusinit.mqh file, but your screen states error in line 274 in plusinit.mqh.

Could you send a screenshot of the line 274 in YOUR plusinit.mqh?

This is the screenshot of MY plusinit.mqh. It's not a HTML file, but a Metatrader Query Language [MQL] file.

Are you sure you downloaded the correct file :)?

I am so sorry i pressed download button and it downloaded html file not .mqh file but extension remained mqh.


and, one last question do we have to run both ea for proper function. :)

what is the diff between both???


EA compiled but not working means no msg sent even after a pending order

nor help command anything working

ea settings

i am a complete unknown to windows postman

I wouldn't run both EAs unless there are two separate bots - one for each EA.

Each EA is a standalone.

The Telegram_Recon EA only returns opened orders. You will need to change EA code for pending orders to work.

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