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Discussion on: Chromebook For Development - 1 Year In

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Elliot DeNolf Author • Edited on

I've previously done both crouton and full ROM replacement. While I found them both to be nice, I find the officially supported Linux on Chromebook to be a better solution because you don't have to deal with dev mode or any ROM flashing. This way, you don't lose any of the strengths of Chrome OS and gain 90% of what most Linux distros offer.

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I agree 100%, crouton is an amazing too, but I don't think it's worth it with the new functionalities that chrome os offers.

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well, personally I hate Chrome and Google in general (I'd rather not have them on my data, too) and I didn't need to do any ROM flashing. enabling dev mode and installing crouton was really, really easy and it works fluently with acceleration (I was able to perfectly play minetest and compile it!)