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Discussion on: Daily/Morning Routine while in Bootcamp-- any tips?

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i'm in the get up at 5am every day camp. once covid hit and we were all remote it really freed up a lot of time. by the time my peers were getting up for class at 9, i'd already had my 2 cups of coffee and done 3-4hrs of learning. the calmness of time during those hours is probably my favorite, all while being fresh for the day.

it's just all repetition. whatever routine you decide on will eventually become 2nd nature.

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This is definitely a great example of an early morning routine. My question to you is, what time do you get to bed at nights, and are you very strict with sticking to that time, in order to feel fully awake and refreshed at 5AM?

A 10PM curfew would give you roughly 7ish hours of sleep -- does that suffice for you?

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denvermullets • Edited on

to be honest, 930 is when i try to be in bed by. everyone laughs when i tell them, but idk, once you get used to going to bed at that time, it's not that bad. additionally, i fall asleep almost instantly. i think generally though i do go to bed around 10 and 1030 is the latest. if i'm up at 11 i know i'll have a rough day the next day. if i have too many nights a week where i'm up at 1030 i definitely feel it towards the end of the week. on the weekends i wake up whenever my body wants me to or when the cat wants me to since he's a fan of the early morning routine, haha.

the other thing i'll mention, i started taking a vitamin d supplement a couple of months ago since i'm definitely not outside as often anymore and honestly my mornings got a lot easier to jump straight out of bed. i'm not sure i buy into supplements like that but the only thing that changed in my routine was adding vitamin d and b12.