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Discussion on: Vim won't make you a more productive developer

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Dwight Spencer

the constant tweeking time sink to vim is a symptom not the norm. with releases like neovim and onivim one has those same tweeks baked in.

Honestly thought, if one is only using vim for home row navigation then they're missing the point. try to disable cusor movement by unbinding the keymaps and start to use vim mode as it's intended, a command prompt.

did anyone know that :r! will actually read into the current buffer the strout of "" or :split ! will bring a new horizontal rule window with the output of that shell command?

how about :set makeprg=... ? or the scripting language that's built-in?

I'm proud to say that vim has made me a better developer because it's been a tool which always is there, is built by programmers for programmers and just works for any use.

And that's the point of it.

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