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Looking at it as a glass half full...

I think your reader definitely gained more than he thinks. He landed the job/role to begin with which was the first big Win (unless nepotism); otherwise typically most hiring processes are/can be pretty grueling and usually are five-ish interviews. The second W came in the form of real-world experience with tight and tough deadlines-- learning and working under pressure is invaluable and really is the best test for anyone...

True knowledge is the ability to apply what you know under intense pressure and or adrenaline.

And let's not overlook the fact that he got paid to learn, learn what it's like to work and collaborate with possibly an incohesive team, a tough boss/office culture, syncing and meshing with various workflows and preferences, time estimations, managing self-expectations and especially others expectations. But more importantly learned what he is good at, and maybe not so good at yet and what to work on as far as soft skills and job skills, what he likes and doesn't like in said experience/culture thus far.

You also said it best, he can start venturing out for other opportunities else where another iteration.

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