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uEye | A Game We Built to Help you Learn UI Design

What is uEye

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I wanted to create a fun, interactive game using modern technology (Nuxt.js) that helps users to develop an eye for design. So, I came up with this idea where users must identify which UI design fundamentals have been incorrectly applied to an example design.


Each correct fundamental you get right, you gain a point. If you choose a fundamental that hasn't been incorrectly applied, you lose a point.

So, yes -- you can end up with a NEGATIVE SCORE! There are a total of 28 possible points you can get if you answer everything correctly. The highest score I've heard of so far is around 18.

I urge you to take the game before watching this, but I released a video where I play the game and explain all of the UI concepts behind each challenge:

Post your scores below!

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