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Getting to know "Succinctly" book series

I recently came across Succinctly book series by Syncfusion, a company that offers enterprise ready library of components and framework solutions. As a free product, Syncfusion also offers a wide range of ebooks on a variety of topics.

  • There are about 170+ ebooks on a wide range of topics like web development, programming languages, operating systems.
  • Every book is about 100 pages long, so it is very easy to get started with a new technology.
  • They can be read online and can also be downloaded in PDF, MOBI or EPUB format for offline reading. But book download requires account sign up with Syncfusion.
  • Some of the published books are very recent. Latest book on Blazor Webassembly was published on August 31, 2020.

I went through some of the books. They are well written, easy to follow with great explanation.

Hope you will find them useful!

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