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Justin L Beall
Justin L Beall

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Software engineer of ten plus years, craftsman, XP advocate, budding agile technical coach, product management/owner curious, believer in growth mindset, multiplier, servant leader, and fierce learner.

I grew up in the world that existed before the modern internet.
I am a millennial snowflake. I think different.
I have a tattoo on my left shoulder that spells my last name in binary.

In 2003, I started my engineering career at the University of Akron in Ohio. Prior to college, I had created some static HTML sites using AngelFire... blinking text, marquee scrollers, cliche under construction signs, and frames were in!

In parallel, I enlisted into the Ohio Army National Guard, a weekend warrior, right out of high school. I served six years as a 68W (Combat Medic). In that time I helped with several state side relief efforts, and was fortunate to not been deployed over seas. The Army paid for college, gifted me discipline, and let me play with cool toys (automatic grenade launcher, M19, and explosives anyone?).

I had great mentors who instilled in me excellent habits. In my first professional role, I was told "You will always be sinking faster than you can swim". At the time, I did not understand. Fast forward to today, my first bit of advice to anyone I mentor is, "Software engineering is like, learning to drink out of full blast fire hydrant pointed at your face". We get paid to learn. We get paid to be frustrated.

In my career, I worked with local government entities, insurance companies, and manufacturing companies. As a result, I refuse to be in ANY position that is considered a cost center for the business. My last three ventures have been at SaaS startups. The personal growth one must sustain in order to survive in this kind of environment is intoxicating. It has positioned me to begin a new venture with two of the most talented individuals I have ever met, #Skiplist!

I have a passion for craftsmanship. Mastery is my purpose. The ModernAgile principles guide me. Most of my nerd heroes are Agile Manifesto signatories. I sharpen every day, you should too! I enjoy mentoring and help as many starfish as possible.

The only thing to supercede my career in importance is my family. I have three beautiful healthy children. My wife gets me. Without her, none of this is possible.

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