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3 Tips To Create A Local Business Website

I started a local business website a 6-months ago, and start thinking of the design, code, and content,.. then I sink in thinking of SEO and content marketing as I starting to type my first line of code there..

I made some mistakes, then I fix the problems,.. and I earned some experience which I want to show to you now! LET'S START!

I created a UPVC website for local business in Egypt, and and another local business website on Saudi Arabia about pest control & cleaning company.

Here are the tips I want to give you!

#1 Focus On User Experience (UX)

User Experience is a great ranking factor in Google search engine, and it is a great emotional way to attract your visitor to be a customer. It helps in ranking, SEO, sales,.. and everything. But it is tricky..

It is not straight forward set of instruction! But the best way to achieve a great UX is to test it on yourself. Make changes as if you are the visitor/customer! then improve your site UX over time! that's what I frequently make on my own tech blog.

#2 Better Quality & Less Quantity

Everybody wants to rank first on Google search results but the best will actually rank!

Yes, the best! not who frequently publishes.. not who has too many topic on his website/blog..

Do not create 500 blog posts! Just create a 7 great blog posts and promote them everywhere!

Those 7 great blog posts will out rank every other posts because you will include all needed information in details in your post by focusing on user experience, including some media to explain your content more by infographics, images, and videos.

Create every blog post for you -pretending you are the visitor- try to convince yourself and simplify information by illustrations.

#3 Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Google focus on user experience, and the main category of UX is the mobile browsing of websites and blogs. So Google announced a mobile-first index, so make sure your website is mobile friendly and have a great user experience on mobile, tablet and desktop/laptop.

Make sure your website is fast and easy to use on smartphones with weak Internet access.

Those three tips contain too many tips inside them, they are the main principle for me when creating new websites or blogs for my customers. I hope those tips help you understand how the real life actually goes.

happy blogging,
Abanoub Hanna

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