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Why I Chose Ubuntu As My Operating System Of Choice ?

I was a Windows user. The first time I saw a computer, I saw Windows XP. When I purchased a laptop, It has Windows 7 pre-installed. After more than 2 years of using Windows operating system, I heard about other operating systems. What? Is there a computer doesn't run Windows?

I am not CS or studied any related topics yet. I started to read online about Mac OS X then I searched about "operating systems".. and it is shocking to me!

How many operating systems out there??? I was thinking of only Windows!!!

I started to think of how operating systems work? And how programs are written?.. those ideas kept me at night.

I watched too many of YouTube videos and a lot of blog posts. I started to watch programming tutorials, design tutorials, photoshop tutorials, after effects tutorials, html tutorials, css tutorials, javascript tutorials.. I kept watching too many crash courses and tutorials online on any subject related to computers and programming.

After two years of this chaos, I realized that I want to be a programmer. Programmers think first then try or experiment in a sandbox or virtual machine before apply things in the real world. So I tried Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and too many distos,trying also Mac OS on a Macbook, and obviously I tried Windows XP/7/10.

I loved Mac OS, but I felt that it is not mine.. it is Apple's. I had mixed feelings towards Windows.. it is a mess. I struggled with the chaos of Linux distributions. I decided to get Ubuntu as my OS of choice. Ubuntu is stable and beautiful.

Ubuntu fits all my needs. I program in Go, PHP, Java, Kotlin, Javascript, and some other languages. It is great for development. I am not a gamer. I surf the web, read blogs, watch YouTube, code Android Apps, code websites, ..etc. I feel that Ubuntu is mine and I can make or break anything.

From that day, I self-studied bash, Linux networking, Linux design and architecture, .. etc

It is my learning land. I kept learning about operating systems, programming languages, virtual machines, containers like docker, UNIX commands, Internet, networking, .. and a lot of chaos things about all tech things.

I love Ubuntu and use it as my only operating system of choice. I can use and fix Windows or Mac laptops but mine is Ubuntu Linux πŸ’œ

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