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All Perks of Entity Framework Core 2.1.1 Now in Entity Developer and dotConnect Providers

Devart, a Czech software vendor of database tools and data connectivity solutions, has rolled out an update to dotConnect ADO.NET data providers and Entity Developer, a visual designer for ORM models. New versions of Devart products receive a makeover and now support Entity Framework Core 2.1.1. What’s more, updated dotConnect for PostgreSQL brings even more security with connections via SSH protocol.

Here’s a closer look at the most notable improvements of updated Devart products:

1) Support for the most recent Entity Framework Core 2.1.1
With enhanced Devart products, users now can benefit from all new features available in Entity Framework Core 2.1.1: lazy loading, query types, value conversions, data seeding, parameterized constructor, and more.
2) Even more secure dotConnect for PostgreSQL with the support for SSH protocol
The new version of dotConnect for PostgreSQL offers users an ability to create connections via secure SSH protocol.

Looking for more detailed information? Discover the comprehensive list of all new features implemented in dotConnect ADO.NET data providers and Entity Developer at .

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