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dbForge Studio for Oracle Now Has A New Look & Oracle 19c Support

Devart has rolled out a new version of dbForge Studio for Oracle v.4.1. The release received a set of solid updates. The updated tool supports Oracle 19c, has an AutoCommit Mode, improved Schema Comparison performance, Transaction Reminder, and Execution Notifications. Alongside the overall design renovation, also the schema comparison performance was significantly improved.

Here’s a full list of features implemented in the updated version of the product:

Oracle 19c Support — enables the work with the most recent Oracle database;
AutoCommit Mode — provides the automatic commit of recent changes in the documents;
Improved Schema Comparison Performance — makes the work with the tool more efficient and enjoyable;
Transaction Reminder and Execution Notifications — allow users to get fresh info about the status of the recently performed queries and uncommitted transactions;
New Skin — makes the work with the Studio even more visually pleasing and provides improved user experience.

Other tools from the dbForge for Oracle product line, such as dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, dbForge Schema Compare for Oracle, dbForge Compare Bundle for Oracle, dbForge Data Generator for Oracle, and dbForge Documenter for Oracle, were also updated with Oracle Database 19c support.

Learn more about current and previous features that are available in dbForge Studio for Oracle at

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